Thinning And Blending Shears For Dogs

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29 Aug 2018. Whether you are a professional pet groomer or you are looking to save money and do your own pet grooming at home, it is essential that you get a professional quality thinning & blending pet shears if you want to make the job.

Directions: Make sure the coat is completely dry and free of mats before cutting hair. To properly hold the scissors, place your thumb in the larger of the holes and your third finger in the smaller hole, allowing the finger rest to lie on your little.

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16 Dec 2019. This high precision cutting dog shears may be suitable for tricky tangles and thick coats. It is a 26-tooth thinning shear as well, and it works as a finishing tool. You can store the shears in a zippered pouch that is easy to carry.

Click here for the best dog thinning shears on the market. This gave a clean but sparse cut that allowed me to gradually thin hair to suit my own needs, meaning that blending was really easy with the end result looking nice and natural.

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