Square Feet To Cubic Yards For Playground Mulch Calculator

Use our easy rubber mulch calculator to determine how much you need how many bags of mulch in 1 cubic yard in your residential yard or commercial. A cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet applied at a depth of 2 1/2 inches.

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Mulch and Landscape Supply Delivery in Maryland including Howard County, Carroll, Baltimore, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel and Montgomery for Mulch, Playmat –Top Rated Playground Cover. Dyed Black / Dyed Brown / Playmat. Price Per Cubic Yard*. 3 yards. 37.99. 6 yards. 34.99. 9 yards. 33.99. 12 yards. Mulch Calculator. Then you simply divide the Total Square Footage of 960 by the thickness factor for your desired depth (162 = Thickness factor for 2 inches of mulch).

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Mulch RI. CUBIC YARD CALCULATOR. Estimate how much soil or mulch you need. In the below fields enter the width, NuPlay Playground Mulch Redwood 50 bags (75 cubic feet of mulch) cover 300 square feet NuPlay, made from 100%.

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